[AG-TECH] AccessGrid on Gentoo Linux and Stand alone Venue Servr

Niall Moran niall.moran at ichec.ie
Thu Jan 26 03:32:43 CST 2006


I am trying to setup an access grid venue server and a set of access
grid clients. I am using gentoo linux and am running into difficulties
compiling the access grid packages. The globus-data-management-client
package will not install. It stops with the error

!!! ERROR: globus-client/globus-data-management-client-2.4.3-r3 failed.
!!! Function dyn_install, Line 1057, Exitcode 0
!!! Insecure binaries detected

There is a bug about how this effects other packages and how to get around it at 

Has anyone come across this and do they have any ideas on how to get around it?

Also I was wondering if it were possible to just build the venue server without
the vic and rat and all the rest? 

Many Thanks,


| Niall Moran
| Systems Administrator
| Irish Centre for High-End Computing
 \niall dot moran at ichec.ie

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