[AG-TECH] Lobby for Polycom PVX for Apple and Unix/Linux (fwd)

Ulrich Schwenn schwenn at rzg.mpg.de
Wed Jan 25 20:55:45 CST 2006

Good Morning,
we recommend ohphonex and it is used, but there is no H.235, H.239 & 
H.450 (as far as I know) and the video quality is limited. Many VC users 
prefer a commercial quality solution like PVX, at least in my surrounding.
So why not push Polycom?

Joe Reitzer wrote:

> Hi,
> Try ohphoneX available at 
> http://xmeeting.sourceforge.net/pages/downloads_ohphonex.htm for Mac 
> OS X.
> I was able to connect to TRECC's polycom system over wireless net - 
> looked good.
> Just offering an alternative for the Polycom PVX.  I also remember 
> that within some Linux OS's that there was a H.323 utility built into 
> the system.  I used to use the one with RH9 awhile ago.  Have not kept 
> up with all the new features in the different flavors of Linux.

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