[AG-TECH] Bridge documentation

Michael Braitmaier braitmaier at hlrs.de
Tue Jan 10 00:58:47 CST 2006

We do exactly the same here.
I ensure the fixed porst for  certain venue, by bridging each venue 
seperately and then just specifiying a port range of 4 ports which is 
the minimum required
for a venue (2 ports vic /2 ports rat). Unfortunately the standard 
allocation method of AccessGrid for ports out of the given range is a 
random mode. So everytime
the bridge restarts the association for ports like vic incoming is 
mapped to a different unicast port as the last time.
Therefore I applied a patch to the NetworkAddressAllocator.py and 
BridgeServer.py to have a sequential allocation mode, starting with the 
lower bound of the port range and ending with its upper bound. I know 
there were initial plans for having such a allocation mode natively in 
AccessGrid, though I don't know whether this allocation mode has made it 
into AG2.4, but I suppose not.


Jeremy Mann schrieb:

>I would like to know if there is a way to configure the Unicast bridge so
>that I can hardcode the UDP unicast directly for each room instead of
>having it dynamically assign ports. I know about portMin and portMax which
>I'm currently using, but I'd like the ability to publish each rooms
>Unicast ports on our Access Grid website.

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