[AG-TECH] AG and H.323 conferences

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jan 5 14:40:13 CST 2006

It should be noted that, by default, venues use dynamically-allocated
multicast addresses, meaning the addresses may change over time.
Many of the well-known venues (those in the Community Lobby on
the vv2 server, probably most of the NCSA venues) have been configured
to use static addresses which will not change over time, but I wanted to
make this distinction clear.


On 1/5/06 2:25 PM, John Langkals wrote:
> Hello Derek,
> As a result of using this bridge earlier last year, I contacted Philippe
> Galvez at VRVS and they have almost all the NCSA rooms bridged over VRVS.
> They can provide a bridge to any AG room on any venue server as long as you
> send them the multicast addresses to the AG room.
> Thank you,
> John
> John Langkals
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> 	Did you mean H.323? You could try VRVS: www.vrvs.org, they provide a
> polycom/AG bridge on some NCSA venues. That might do what you want.
> 	Derek
> Marius Schamschula wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I've got a colleague who needs to set up a recurring set of  
>>conferences with a group at U.C. Davis, who use an IP based H.232  
>>system, for a class. We mainly need to see and hear Davis, i.e.  
>>receive their streams. Is there a way of using our AG hardware to do  
>>this by manually configuring audio and video tools?
>>Marius Schamschula,  Alabama A & M University, Department of Physics
>>    The Center for Hydrology Soil Climatology and Remote Sensing
>>   http://optics.physics.aamu.edu/ - http://www.physics.aamu.edu/
>>          http://wx.aamu.edu/ - http://www.aamu.edu/hscars/
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