[AG-TECH] AccessGrid on PDA devices

Brian Corrie bcorrie at sfu.ca
Thu Feb 23 13:40:11 CST 2006

Hi all,

Back in the AG 1.x days we had something along these lines working. 
Recall that AG 1.x was web based and it started up vic and rat through 
wrappers that were started via web navigation. This was a bit of an 
extension that we did on AG 1.x. We got this going to some degree, using 
the work that I think the Motorola folks got going with vic and rat on 
PDAs... We also did some work on media stream selection, so the wireless 
device got only the video feeds that they wanted (similar to 

Performance was actually not too bad if you didn't go overboard on the 
video feed. I have attached a picture of a PDA in action. The image on 
the PDA is a video stream of a scan converted visualization, being 
displayed by Vic. It was pretty cool. I think this would be a lot more 
work given the AG architecture of today, but then again, the processors 
and OSes on PDAs are becoming more and more sophisticated...



John Hodrien wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Feb 2006, Derek Piper wrote:
>>     Heh, that sounds fun. I can picture the NCSA lobby in little teeny 
>> tiny 1/2" windows ... :D
>>     VIC is just the video component, you'd need something to take the 
>> job of RAT and then you have audio too. From that you could join in 
>> with a manual hookup, since you would need the VenueClient software 
>> and associated dependencies in order to browse venues. I'm thinking 
>> all that would probably slaughter the poor little PDA but it sounds 
>> like it's worth a laugh.
>>     For manual hookup, get the ports from the 'Properties' entry of 
>> the 'Venue' menu of a VenueClient. You might want to also go to a 
>> venue with a bridge (or run one yourself against your venue server) to 
>> remove multicast from being a problem over the wireless.
> I think it sounds like good clean fun ;)
> Considering skype copes well on a PDA (and that's *hideously* CPU 
> intensive) I
> figure it's within reach, and that the compromises would be workable.
> Should we be expecting requests for a PPC shared presentation tool in a few
> weeks?
> jh

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