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Rosario Lombardo rosario.lombardo at isti.cnr.it
Mon Feb 20 07:45:30 CST 2006

Hi all!
I'm trying to have Shared PDF to work on my VenueServer, but I have no luck.
It seems that somebody who has problems on my server is able to use 
SharedPDF in "Big Horn" venue, but not me...

Here is what I do to get error:
1. Whenever I'm on my VenueServer, Shared PDF sessions are cleanly loaded
2. Every participant gets his own SharedPDF window and chooses/uploads a 
pdf file.
3. On "Open PDF" an exception is raised (screen shot attached)
    3.1. The "machine values" are always the same across different sessions
4. SharedPDF.log and (relevant) VenueClient.log attached.
5. Python process is killed; Acrobat stays in background with no visible 
windows, and is started as:
        AcroRd32.exe /o /eo /l

Thanks in advance,

I'm using Acrobat Reader 7.0.7


Rosario Lombardo
Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI) - Cnr, Italy
rosario.lombardo at isti.cnr.it 
<mailto:rosario.lombardo at isti.cnr.it>   *-*   http://hpc.isti.cnr.it/~lombardo 
phone: +39 050-315-3076
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