[AG-TECH] VIC and RAT Problem

Ruangwit Kamnerdsap kackaz at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 23:24:16 CST 2006

Dear All,
    i have some problem about VIC and RAT windows.
it passed when i test AG2.4 on my network(no internet). but when i
share internet to my network my VIC or RAT will not appear.
this is my environments,
pass environment:
1 windows xp for venues server and venues client
3 windows xp for venues client
1 switching 10/100Mb.

problem environment:
different from above in internet sharing.
adsl modem + cross cable connect to switching.
windows xp connect to modem and shared for all
computer that attached to switching,
then the problem occured...some computer
(include computer for venues server) not appear VIC or RAT windows.

how can i fixed them? pls help....

thank you

Ruangwit Kamnerdsap
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