[AG-TECH] Possible issue with NCSA Server.....

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Mon Feb 13 09:57:45 CST 2006

	Yea, AGVCR has no problems with odd numbered ports, it figures it out 
the same way the media tools do. Always has done.

Thomas D. Uram wrote:
> AG 2.3 didn't reliably allocate even ports for RTP; this has been fixed 
> in 2.4.
> This doesn't cause a problem for the media tools because vic/rat decrement
> the port when they're given an odd one.  I suppose agvcr should do the same
> as long as servers with this bug are deployed.
> Tom
> On 2/9/06 2:59 PM, Many Ayromlou wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was just playing around with agvcr and went over to ncsa lobby. Here 
>> is the address details from venueclient/properties:
>> Audio: ttl127
>> Video: ttl127
>> Is it just me or is the video port "off". I was under the impression 
>> that even number ports were advertised RTP ports and odd ones 
>> (rtpport+1) were automatically assumed to be RTCP ports. Why is the 
>> video for lobby running on a odd port. I think this might cause a 
>> problem with agvcr since when the numbers are entered agvcr assumes 
>> 65397 is the RTCP port and 65396 is the RTP port......doesn't this 
>> screw things up a bit?
>> Anyways, hope someone has an answer to this......
>> Many

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