[AG-TECH] Firewall Ports and Test Venues

Jim Summers jsummers at cs.ou.edu
Fri Feb 10 13:24:02 CST 2006

R. P. Channing ["Rick"] Rodgers wrote:
> Sadly, you're going to find that that document is not enough to do the job.
> It omits specific prots for a number of key applicatioins, including
> vic and rat.  I posted a one-page summary of port usage a couple of months
> back, extracted from the longer document on the AG web site, which was recast
> by another list member in the form of a Excel spreadsheet.

I went through the agdp but could not locate them.  Are they out there 
somewhere?  Probably me an my old tired eyes again.

   I've been lobbying
> for us to have a COMPLETE one-page summary of all ports used -- I think it's
> critical to making AG fly in the real world, where we often have to deal with
> very strict and anxious network security managers.

Agreed.  Or at least a range of ports for each service may work well also.

   We still have no way of
> handing them a sheet of paper and saying, "here are the ports we need, and
> what services will be running on each of them".
> Cheers, Rick Rodgers
>>From: Jim Summers <jsummers at bachman.cs.ou.edu>
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>>Subject: Re: [AG-TECH] Firewall Ports and Test Venues
>>Jennifer Teig von Hoffman wrote:
>>>Hi Jim,
>>>You don't mention which docs you've looked at, so I wonder whether 
>>>you've seen this one yet?
>>>    http://www.accessgrid.org/agdp/guide/ports.html
>>>It's got a reasonably good overview of port issues for AG. There 
>>>certainly are plenty of them!
>>Excellent.   Being new to all of this I hadn't realized that each server 
>>may use different ports.  Fortunately it seems that the server 
>>maintainers do publish the prot info for connecting.
>>Thanks again,
>>Jim Summers
>>School of Computer Science-University of Oklahoma
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