[AG-TECH] System options

Many Ayromlou mayromlo at ryerson.ca
Wed Feb 1 10:07:49 CST 2006

Hi Jeremy,

I just built a beastie like that.....I used a off-the-shelf  
SuperMicro (SC742) case with a ASUS P5WD2 mobo. The mobo is nice  
since it's got dual gige intel nics and you can bond them together.  
The soundchip unfortunetly is not supported by RAT (Realtek ALC882D  
chip), so you'll have to get a external USB or Firewire soundcard (M- 
Audio comes to mind). The board also has 1 16x PCIExpress slot  
(Graphics), 1 16x Universal PCIExpress slot, 1 1x PCIExpress slot and  
3 good old PCI slots......ie: tons of options for cards.....

I personally have the Matrox QID PCIExpress card (Quad card) + 3  
cheap Osprey 100 cards + external firewire soundcard from m-audio  
(gets around the fact that gentner puts out mic level outputs/ 
inputs.....so you don't need to purchase the ATI matchmaker gizmo to  
convert stuff from pro-land to pcaudio-land :-)).

On 31-Jan-06, at 5:15 PM, Jeremy Mann wrote:

> I have been tasked to build a new portable AG node for another  
> University.
> I want to do it right this time and rackmount everthing that I can  
> in a
> 12U rack with wheels. I've done some initial searching for 3U and 4U
> machines from Dell and Monarch and they consider 3U or 4U a  
> "server" and
> ramp up the price considerably. Also, the motherboards in these  
> machines
> maybe have 2 PCI slots. For future expansion we need at last 4 capture
> cards. Would a 4 port capture card work with Linux?
> Are there any other sites with racked AG nodes? From whom did you  
> buy your
> computer from?
> -- 
> Jeremy Mann
> jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
> University of Texas Health Science Center
> Bioinformatics Core Facility
> http://www.bioinformatics.uthscsa.edu
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