[AG-TECH] Access Grid 3.0 beta1 available !

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Wed Feb 1 03:21:03 CST 2006

Hi John and Tom,

> > Is it broken in the same way Rosario describes?  Screenshot?
> I'm not at the machine at the moment, but the Go button doesn't have room, 
> so
> is almost half height, but the address bar is ok.

A screenshot can be found in here:

> FC4 with Doug's packages.  All wx packages listed below:
> wxGTK2-2.4.2-12
> wxGTK2-gl-2.4.2-12
> wxGTK-common-2.4.2-12
> wxPython-common-gtk2-unicode-
> wxPython2.6-gtk2-unicode-
> wxPython2.6-devel-gtk2-unicode-

I was hoping Fedora Extras 5 would have a new wxPython 2.6 SRPM so I could 
rebuild it for FC4, but it wasn't available yet. So I rebuilt the 
wxPython2.6.2.1 binary RPMs from the SRPM available on www.wxpython.org.

I've created a new AccessGrid 3.0 beta1 RPM which now explictely has a 
wxPython2.6-devel-gtk2-unicode dependency requirement, so should hopefully 
stop yum from installing the wxGTK 2.4 packages from Fedora Extras 4. I also 
had to release a new version of the python-jabber RPM as it's dependencies 
were broken.


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