[AG-TECH] Bridge Server v2.4 does nothing

Michael Groufsky michael.groufsky at canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Dec 21 18:45:26 CST 2006

So I have tried the compat package and yes, it is the same problem.  Has 
anyone else seen this?

Michael Groufsky

Michael Groufsky wrote:
> Ah, no.  I pulled the archived RPMs from 
> http://www.vislab.uq.edu.au/research/accessgrid/software/fedora/ag2/, 
> since I had previously had similar troubles with the compat package.  
> Not sure if it was the same problem, though, so I will try it again.
> Thanks,
> Michael Groufsky
> Douglas Kosovic wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>>> I am trying to set up an AG2.4 bridge server, to bridge a single 
>>> venue. I am running Fedora core 6, and have created a 
>>> BridgeServer.cfg file based on the one provided at the start of the 
>>> BridgeServer.py source file. Haven't done any other configuration, 
>>> except launching VenueClient to bring in certificate.
>>> When I launch BridgeServer.py, the process starts, but nothing 
>>> happens. No output is produced (from what I understand, should see 
>>> some info from QuickBridge startup), and the VenueClient 'Use 
>>> unicast' option is still unavailable when someone tries to connect 
>>> to the venue.
>> Which AGTk 2.4 are you running? It doesn't appear to be the 
>> compat-AccessGrid 2.4 FC6 RPMs from:
>>   http://www.vislab.uq.edu.au/research/accessgrid/software/fedora/ag3/
>> which has /usr/bin/BridgeServer24 instead of /usr/bin/BridgeServer.py
>> Doug

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