[AG-TECH] Mobile AG advice?

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Mon Dec 11 16:17:55 CST 2006

G'day Thad and all

I just thought I would quickly add my thoughts.

There are a number of types of portable systems.

*	Using some form of portable rack, with everything included;

*	Using a trolley (Which is what I use in same cases, see
http://hpc.cqu.edu.au/accessgrid.html#MACK for more info) using a single
machine, echo canceller, cameras and a Monitor/Projector or two.

*	Using a laptop, USB Camera and a headset and mic;

As you can see, there are a number of mobile AG solutions.  The purpose
will in the end, decide the "type" of system that you may use.

The biggest pitfall I would suggest is the problem of trying to use a
portable system that wasn't designed for a particular purpose.  An
example is using a laptop which was really only designed to be used for
a single person, to be used on a larger scale, swapping headphone,

Also, generally speaking, the audio quality isn't as good, as the
environment regularly changes, the echo canceller and audio levels need
to be set at a more general level, rather that present for a particular

Anyway, I hope this information helps.


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Does anyone out there who has put together a mobile AG solution that  
can be deployed in offices, etc have any advice to offer?
Particularly regarding AV equipment and sound quality. Any pitfalls  
to avoid would also be appreciated.



Thaddeus Sze
Information Technology
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