[AG-TECH] wxPython 2.6 with AG2.4

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Fri Apr 21 10:08:37 CDT 2006

Since yesterday, I've been wondering what the incompatibility is between
wxPython 2.5 and AG3.0b2.  I've had AG2.4 and AG3.0b2 installed on the same
WinXP node for some time with no problems.

As was posted a while back, wxPython 2.6 isn't completely
compatible with AG2.4.  I'd not run into this first hand until we were
doing some shared-app tests yesterday and, as was posted, the Win Shared
Web Browser (IE) did not work for AG2.4 with wxPython2.6.  The browser works
fine with AG3.0b2/wxPython2.6.  It also works fine for both AG2.4 and AG3.0b2
with wxPython2.5.

So, I've reverted to wxPython2.5.  BTW. I do not have the CVS versions of
either AG installed.  Has this wxPython version issue been addressed?  It's
not a big deal yet, since 3.0 isn't used in production , at least for most
people.  But it will become an issue when both AG2.4 and AG3.0 are used
regularly in a production setting.  I'm sure there will be a significant
time overlap before everyone upgrades their nodes to AG3.0.  So, dual
installs will be pretty important for a period of time.


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