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Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Wed Apr 19 09:06:16 CDT 2006

So basically I have to manually bridge each room. In my config file I
tried to set the entire VenueServer to only use a range of ports, then I
entered ports for the rooms I wanted to configure statically. But I still
came across that "Address already in use" problem.

For example, I have the VenueServer set to 5000-5200 and 4 Venues to 5202
on up.

Michael Braitmaier said:
> I am doing basically the same. I restrict the range of the ports for
> unicast for a specific venue.
> Config-File example:
> [https://rusagvideo.rus.uni-stuttgart.de:8000/Venues/000001026deebc1400c0006c00230006555]
> type=Venue
> portMin=50096
> portMax=50099
> One of the problems rising with this configuration method is that
> normally AG selects ports on a random
> pattern put of the range you specified in the config file.
> Ports for rat and vic are allocated sequentially.
> So first rat gets assigned 50096 for example.
> When the port for vic should  be determined, it can happen due to the
> nature of the random allocation
> that for vic also 50096 is initially selected. This of course leads to a
> "Address already in use" error.
> I avoided the problem by patching the AccessGrid files responsible for
> port allocation to keep a list
> of ports which are in use and have the allocation algorithm first check
> if a port the algorithm wants to allocate
> isn't in use yet.
> Otherwise you have to restart the bridge server until you don't get the
> "address already in use" error to be sure you really have
> video and audio correctly bridged.
> Michael
> Jeremy Mann schrieb:
>>Thomas D. Uram said:
>>>Which version of AG software are you using for BridgeServer and
>>>Can you post your full bridge cfg file?
>>AG 2.4. Attached is the config file. Worth noted is that I no longer get
>>those python errors, however, now when I start it, several of the venues
>>aren't bridged because the bridgeserver says the address is already in
>> use
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