[AG-TECH] Bridge server

Michael Braitmaier braitmaier at hlrs.de
Wed Apr 19 01:30:17 CDT 2006

I am doing basically the same. I restrict the range of the ports for 
unicast for a specific venue.

Config-File example:


One of the problems rising with this configuration method is that 
normally AG selects ports on a random
pattern put of the range you specified in the config file.
Ports for rat and vic are allocated sequentially.
So first rat gets assigned 50096 for example.
When the port for vic should  be determined, it can happen due to the 
nature of the random allocation
that for vic also 50096 is initially selected. This of course leads to a 
"Address already in use" error.
I avoided the problem by patching the AccessGrid files responsible for 
port allocation to keep a list
of ports which are in use and have the allocation algorithm first check 
if a port the algorithm wants to allocate
isn't in use yet.
Otherwise you have to restart the bridge server until you don't get the 
"address already in use" error to be sure you really have
video and audio correctly bridged.


Jeremy Mann schrieb:

>Thomas D. Uram said:
>>Which version of AG software are you using for BridgeServer and
>>Can you post your full bridge cfg file?
>AG 2.4. Attached is the config file. Worth noted is that I no longer get
>those python errors, however, now when I start it, several of the venues
>aren't bridged because the bridgeserver says the address is already in use

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