[Sumover-tech] Re: [AG-TECH] Release of media tools from SUMOVER project

Piers O'Hanlon p.ohanlon at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Apr 13 14:46:35 CDT 2006

Hi Derek,

Thanks for comments.

>         Can I ask why the site is over SSL? The self-signed certificate for
> your site does not match the URL so it seems strange as to why you would
> only allow connections over SSL but not have it configured correctly?
Good point - We thought SSL would provide a measure of protection
against remote commit password compromise. Also we figured it may help
somewhat against wiki-spam.

The cert is basically correct as mediatools is a CNAME for
frostie.cs.ucl.ac.uk. However you're right we should create an
appropriate cert for the this hostname so as save confusion. Also I
have to admit I added the alias at the last minute - I thought it
clearer as the nature of the site. We will fix it in May.


>         Derek
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