[AG-TECH] Doorbell for the grid?

Tom Coffin tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Apr 13 10:20:53 CDT 2006

Still, you may find a visual cue to be more effective
than and audio cue in such a noisy environment. Since you
already are using multiple monitors a couple more showing
the vic interface and a few important (persistent) video
windows may do the trick. If the existing layout of monitors
etc. is cluttered, you may want to consider implementing a
cluster of lcd panels to organize things, then 2-3 of those
could be allocated to AG video.

At 10:51 AM 4/13/2006, Brian Tieman wrote:
>Hehe--you've obviously never worked at a synchrotron!  The area where 
>people generally sit is a cluttered messs of comuters and 
>electronics--wires and monitors cover most--if not all--available wall space.
>We currently use headphones for the audio as echo cancelation is not cost 
>effective or likely to work well in such a noisy environment (it can top 
>60db white noise at times).  I do not believe there is any practical way 
>to use the AG audio channel for getting someones attention.
>Tom Coffin wrote:
>>Are there any/some wall/screen spaces where projections can be used
>>at a scale significant enough to attract your attention while at
>>work on the beamline equipment?
>>At 08:29 AM 4/13/2006, Brian Tieman wrote:
>>>The beamline is a noisy place where people are focused on their experiments
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