[AG-TECH] Firewall and unicast questions

NamGon Kim ngkim at netmedia.kjist.ac.kr
Thu Apr 6 23:59:52 CDT 2006

I am really sorry for that. 


This time, before release, I am running the UMTP Server at instead of umtp.mcs.anl.gov.


You can download new AG Connector from AG Connector web page.


Please note that this new version is not compatible with previous


- Namgon



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The UMTP server associated with the AG connector has been unreachable
for over a month. The connector comes back with an error message and
prompts to "use other server..", but there are no other options given.
Any suggestions on what we supposed to do?





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Subject: RE: [AG-TECH] Firewall and unicast questions

Dear Chris,

My name is Namgon Kim.
I am developing a multicast connectivity solution for AG which can be
used under firewall.
AG Connector is the name of my solution.
I hope you to test AG Connector in your network.

It encapsulates multicast data of AG and uses one port number (8010) for
connection with outside of firewall.

If you use AG Connector, since what you need to do is opening 8010 port,
firewall traversal will be easier.

Your can download and see some documentation from here.

If you need any question about AG Connector, let me know.

- Namgon

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> Subject: [AG-TECH] Firewall and unicast questions
> Hello All,
> We currently have our AG nodes outside our firewall, however cyber
> security
> has told us that we need to move the systems inside our firewall.  The
> last
> time I brought up this issue a number of years ago I was told that
> multicast
> would not get past our firewall. I have some questions regarding this
> issue.
> Has anyone successfully placed an AG VTC system behind a Cisco
> Are there any issues using unicast mode for and AG node behind a
> firewall?
> If not then why not run unicast?
> I have looked through the mailer however I do not see any answers to
> these
> Questions.
> Thanks in advance
> Chris Masullo                     Information Technology Division
> Brookhaven National Laboratory    Network Engineering & Operations
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