[AG-TECH] Old documentation missing?

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Fri Sep 30 10:16:25 CDT 2005

Hi Jeremy,

Hmm, I'm not sure which document you're looking for, but one that comes to mind is Gary Refka's "Building an AG Node:"


I can't seem to find the specific image of splicing wires, though, so this may not be it.

- Jennifer

Jeremy Mann wrote:
> I'm trying to find the documentation of connecting an AP400 Gentner to an
> Access Grid node. It was an older document I remember reading several
> months ago. It showed several nice images of splicing wires to connect the
> 1/8" connectors to some device then to the Gentner.
> I need to know what that device was between the computer and Gentner. We
> have a situation connecting a new AP400 to our portable AG node where the
> audio in and out of the Gentner is not at the right levels. Even when
> turning everything up to the maximum levels, the audio is very soft. I'm
> guessing this device was some sort of level converter or preamp.
> Thanks for any help!

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