[AG-TECH] Fedora Core 64bit

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Fri Sep 16 19:40:17 CDT 2005

Hi Jim,

> I was pointed to some excellent docs on getting the Access grid
> software installed on a Fedora Core 4 system.
> The system I am working with is a FC4 x86_64.
> I have gotten the pre-built 32bit rpms installed.  The problem I have 
> encountered is the portion of the install where wxmozilla must be 
> rebuilt.

And the 32bit AGTk RPMs work? I'm a bit surprised as x86-64 FC4's 64bit
Python need 64bit Python modules installed in
/usr/lib64/python2.4/site-packages. Did you install the 32bit python
from i386 FC4? 

> So I wasn't sure which to pursue,
> 1.  get wxmozilla built for 32bit on this 64bit system.
> or
> 2. get whatever is in the 32bit that it is looking for built for
> 64bit.

For building 32bit wxmozilla, you could try:
  rpmbuild --target=i386 --rebuild wxmozilla*.src.rpm

But you will need to have all the 32bit RPMs that wxmozilla
directly/indirectly depends on and links against, including Mozilla,
which could end up being a bit messy.

You can't mix 32bit libraries with 64bit in the same application.


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