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Mike Weaver weaver at er.doe.gov
Fri Sep 16 06:41:22 CDT 2005

Hi Jim,

I'm the guy who sent you the link to Doug's FC/AG site.  Sorry, didn't
see any mention of x64 in your original post. I'm also sorry that I
don't have any advice for you about this particular problem, but...

Not all of the AG techies subscribe to this list.  Many more technical
discussions occur on the AG-Tech list.  I've already cross-posted this
there for you, but you probably want to subscribe if you haven't
already.  Info on the AG-Tech list can be found at

Good luck!


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Hello List,

I was pointed to some excellent docs on getting the Access grid
installed on a Fedora Core 4 system.

The system I am working with is a FC4 x86_64.

I have gotten the pre-built 32bit rpms installed.  The problem I have 
encountered is the portion of the install where wxmozilla must be 
rebuilt.  During the make it fails with:
Processing files: wxmozilla-python-0.5.4-1
error: File not found by glob: 
error: File not found by glob: 
Processing files: wxmozilla-debuginfo-0.5.4-1
Provides: libwxmozilla_gtk2-2.4.so.0.0.0.debug()(64bit) 
Requires(rpmlib): rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1 
rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-1

RPM build errors:
     File not found by glob: 
     File not found by glob: 

Which seems to be saying that it is looking in lib64 for some files
are not there and are probably in the lib directory.

So I wasn't sure which to pursue,
1.  get wxmozilla built for 32bit on this 64bit system.


2. get whatever is in the 32bit that it is looking for built for

Ideas / Suggestions?


Jim Summers
School of Computer Science-University of Oklahoma

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