[AG-TECH] Echo problem with Rav 600 any ideas?

Proshanta Saha proshanta at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 22:40:24 CDT 2005


We have been using a Rav 600 for teleconferencing for a while, and must say 
its quite good. However when I put it to use in the AG I am a little at a 
loss in the amount of problems I'm encountering. It is connected to phone 
jack as well as connected to the line in of the sound card. We can still 
make very good conf. calls, and have adjusted the sensitivity of the mics, 
echo cancelation, and input levels to suit the room size and position of 
participants in a typical teleconf. However, those settings don't seem to 
translate well to the AG. The general problem I'm faced is which echo 
problems, despite the fact that the mics are muted, the sound still travels 
to the sound card.

So a couple of questions for any ClearOne Rav users out there:

1. How did you setup your connection to the mixer? I'm currently using the 
playback(sound card speaker out) and record(sound card line in) rca 
2. What settings did you have to change? I don't use ALC to fine tune the 
sensitivit of the MIC. I have AEC to automatically control the echo. 
3. What is necessary on the soundcard settings? I'm using a builtin 
soundcard probably an AC'97 compliant under Windows XP
4. What are your settings for RAT? I have mine set to Gain of 4, anothing 
louder seems to pick up alot of background noise. Is there anything else I 
can adjust in the RAT?

Thank you in advance.

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