[AG-TECH] AG demo

Natalia Costas Lago natalia at cesga.es
Wed Sep 14 04:22:24 CDT 2005

Hi everybody,

An AccessGrid demo will be held next month organised by CESGA, University of Minho and University of Vigo. The purpose ot this demo is to show our users the technology and its advantages. We ask for participation of any node with good audio/video capabilities to help us in this demo (do not forget taking into account the time shift). 

This demo will be held next month, on the 4th and 7th of July and 3 talks will be given to the attendants at different times: 10:00 am, 11:30 am and 1:00 pm Spanish time (UTC/GMT +2 hours). 

Thanx in advance, 
Kind regards.

Natalia Costas Lago
email: natalia at cesga.es
Centro de Supercomputacion de Galicia (CESGA)
Avenida de Vigo, s/n Campus Sur 
15706 Santiago de Compostela - SPAIN
Tel:   +34  981 56 98 10 
Fax:  +34  981 59 46 16
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