[AG-TECH] Sony VAIO / Motion Eye Camera

Anne M. Hammond hammond at solarz.Colorado.EDU
Tue Sep 13 14:00:28 CDT 2005

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We were configuring the very small 1.4 kg Sony Vaio
with integrated videocamera.

For sound, we plugged in a Logitech USB Headset 300;
waited a few seconds for the hardware to be recognized; 
then started the AG Client.

Under RAT
  Options (button at bottom)
    Preferences Window
      Category - Audio
         Audio Device Logitech USB Headset - Select
         (I believe the other option was Digital SoundMax
         which is the built-in speaker.  This has no echo
         cancellation and so is not suitable for AG client)

>We have been able to use the built-in camera by
>Service / Add / VideoProducer Service
>Initial results are that the video is quite acceptable
>and very convenient with no external cables, etc.

It is definitely much lower quality, but workable.
>>Can the built-in Motion Eye camera on the VAIO be used
>>with AGTk2.3??
>>Anne Hammond
>>University of Colorado at Boulder

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