[AG-TECH] SC Desktop: SC comes to your office (Help us spread the word!!)

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Tue Sep 13 10:32:36 CDT 2005


Many of you have heard about SC Desktop, which uses Access Grid and inSORS
Grid technologies to enable remote participation in the SC|05 conference.
This is moving beyond the limits of the SC Global event -- SC Desktop
gives participants access to most of the SC Technical Program.

Please help us spread the word by forwarding this along to any of our
colleagues you believe would be interested in this opportunity to
participate in SC at a distance.

A brief press release describing SC Desktop is located here:


Please be aware that the registration deadline is October 15; late
registrations will NOT be permitted due to the need for technical training
and testing.

For questions about SC Desktop, including registration and technical
requirements, please send mail to scglobal at sc05.supercomputing.org .

On behalf of the SC Global team,
Randy Groves
Boeing Company
SC Desktop Producer

Chair, Julia Mullen
Deputy Chair, Chair SC Global'06, Ron Rankine
General Producer - SC Global Showcase, Cindy Sievers
General Producer - SC Global Desktop, Randy Groves
Technical Director, Jim Miller
Networking Manager, Jeffrey Schwab
Floor Manager, Rollin Guyden
Remote Sites Manager, Donnell Sanders
Remote Site Coordinator - Canada, Many Ayromlou
Evaluation Specialist, Amado Gonzalez
Recording Specialist, Jonathan Tyman
Vollunteer Liaison, Tiki Suarez
SC Global Desktop, Linux Technical Coordination, Gavin Burris

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