[AG-TECH] interoperation of AG Connector and unicast bridges

Andrew Patrick Andrew.Patrick at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Fri Oct 28 18:19:40 CDT 2005

Is there an interoperability problem when people connect to a venue with the AG 
Connector and unicast bridges?

I have 2 machines on 2 separate unicast-only networks. If both machines connect 
to a venue using AG Connector, they can see/hear each other fine. If one of the 
machines, however, connects via a unicast bridge, it is not able to see the 
machine that connected using the Connector.

I would have thought that people coming in over bridges would get multicast to 
the UMTP server where it would be picked up for Connector users.

I have tested this on two different venue servers, including the Argonne 
institutional venues where the unicast bridge and the UMTP server should be near 
to one another.

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