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NamGon Kim ngkim at netmedia.kjist.ac.kr
Thu Oct 27 20:23:58 CDT 2005

Dear Zsolt,


Sorry for late response.


I think you should check your multicast connection.

You can use multicast beacon. http://dast.nlanr.net/Projects/Beacon/


AG Connector shuts down if your site has multicast connection with UMTP

This might be the reason of dropping.


And for firewall, in case of using iptables

What you need to do is allowing outgoing traffic from your site and
allowing incoming traffics which comes as a response of the outgoing
traffic from your site.


In /etc/sysconfig/iptables


:OUTPUT ACCEPT [0:0] // default policy of outgoing traffic, ACCEPT

-A INPUT -p udp --dport 1025: -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j
ACCEPT  //allow incoming UDP traffics which comes as a response for the
outgoing traffic from your site



You can open udp port 8010(default AG Connector port) for both incoming
and outgoing.


:OUTPUT ACCEPT [0:0] // default policy of outgoing traffic, ACCEPT

-A INPUT -p udp -dport 8010 -j ACCEPT


AG Connector only uses one UDP port, 8010.


If you need more help, let me know.


Thanks for using AG Connector.



Namgon Kim

Netmedia Lab, GIST, KOREA


http://netmedia.gist.ac.kr <http://netmedia.gist.ac.kr/> 


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Our department is new to the AG world and we are in the process of
setting up a room-based node to support our research infrastructure. Our
network is not multicast enabled, so we have been trying to make the AG
Connector work for weeks now and just about to give up. The
documentation of the connector is very sub-optimal, to put it politely.
In AG connector -driven multicast, if we manage to keep the connection
to the server, which is dropped often, the other parties, who HAVE
multicast enabled on their networks can not see or hear us at all (we
can hear and see them). In unicast, without the connector, everything
works both ways, but we can not see any of the parties (no incoming
video), although we can hear them. I know that certain UDP ports must be
open, but it must be more complicated than that, since *rarely* the
whole system seems to be working well. The connector seems to work
unreliably in many situations and outcome is often unpredictable.


If you have suggestions to both scenarios (multicast with connector and
unicast without), PLEASE, help us. 






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Zsolt Nagykaldi, PhD

Research Associate, Clinical IT Specialist

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Oklahoma Center For Family Medicine Research


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