[AG-TECH] rat crash when retreating from a pdf file in Firefox

Jonathan Mudronja mudronja at osc.edu
Thu Oct 20 13:43:07 CDT 2005


I don't know if this will help but I was just looking at a .pdf and 
before closing out of Acrobat I noticed something when it asked me to 
update. "The Adobe Reader 7.0.5 Update will update Adobe® Reader® 7.0.0 
- 7.0.3.  This update provides new browser support for FireFox 1.0 and 
Mozilla 1.7." It still seems like an obscure bug but the update might be 
worth a shot.

Jon Mudronja
Ohio Supercomputer Center

Michael Miller wrote:

> I'm using Firefox 1.06 and AG2.4 on WinXP with all the updates.  If I 
> view a PDF file in the browser and then hit the back button, it causes 
> some sort of stall on the network and RAT crashes.  Firefox is fine 
> and goes back to the page I previously viewing and vic seems immune.  
> I also notice my venue client reconnects to the venue server.  The 
> problem is repeatable, just look up some pdf's on google.  I'm 
> wondering if others have seen this.  I didn't think it's a bug with AG 
> particularly, but I thought I'd let everyone know of my experience.

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