[AG-TECH] unicast bridge

Roberts, Ian E ian.roberts at pnl.gov
Tue Oct 18 13:20:50 CDT 2005

Thanks to Tom Uram, I recently learned about a tool that has revolutionized
our AG setup, as we can't do multicast and have strict policies regarding
holes in the firewall.


The AG Connector is installed as a Shared Application. You simply go the
venue you wish to enter, choose AG Connector from the list of Shared
Applications, then right click it and choose Open. It then sends all the
data to and from that room over a single port via a single host!!!

I can now go to any Argonne venue and any NCSA venue with only one port open
in my firewall (compared to over 10,000).

Can't talk now: have to finish my security plan so we can get this port
opened permanently. Thank you Tom and Namgon! Long live AG Connector! (Can
you tell I'm excited about this? :)
Ian Roberts <Interaction Designer> Pacific Northwest National Laboratory,
Richland, WA

> From: Linda Winkler <winkler at mcs.anl.gov>
> Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 18:43:44 -0500
> To: <ag-tech at mcs.anl.gov>
> Cc: corey HALL <chall at anl.gov>
> Subject: [AG-TECH] unicast bridge
> Is there a generally available unicast bridge that sites
> may switch to when experiencing multicast difficulties?
> lw

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