[AG-TECH] Strange behavior with bridge

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Thu Oct 13 18:01:04 CDT 2005

G'day Paul and Chris

Something that I would investigate is that you don't have any firewalls
running locally on the box.

As can be seen here http://agcentral.org/help/how-to/bridgeserver, I
have been using a similar configuration except that I bridge each room
individually, ie 

      name = CQU 
      location = Rockhampton 
      qbexec = /usr/bin/QuickBridge 
      #use this port range for the bridge server as a whole 
      portMin = 20000 
      portMax = 39999 
      #CQU Lobby 
      type = Venue

Please feel free to contact me directly if you are still having problems
as I am running the bridgeServer on Fedora Core 4 without any issues.


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On 14/10/2005, at 6:10 AM, Paul Mercer wrote:
> If someone tries to connect via the bridge the only video/audio  
> they see is their own...until
> I open VenueManager.py on the server, highlight the venue that we  
> are using, click "Modify" and then "OK" on the window that appears,  
> not changing anything...the user that is using unicast will see  
> that their vic and rat restarts, automatically, and then they will  
> be able to see/hear the other sites via the bridge.   Other sites  
> that are in the venue at this time when I "toggle" the server,  
> wether on Multicast or Unicast, will not see any change and their  
> vic/rat will not restart.
> Each time a new user wants to use the bridge I have to do the same  
> thing to the venue manager so they can see/hear all.
> I have verified this behavior with three other sites trying to use  
> our bridge.  I even verified it with another venue server and his  
> bridge.
> Can anyone shed some light on what is going on?  If you need any  
> more information please ask.


No light, but I can confirm that I could only see my own video when I  
used your bridge a few minutes ago, despite several other streams  
being vislble in multicast mode.

> Here is my BridgeServer.cfg
> [BridgeServer]
> name =  ARSC
> location = Fairbanks
> qbexec = /usr/bin/QuickBridge

Although I've seen this "BRIDGESERVER = ...." mentioned in some  
recent documentation, I've never used it on the APAG venue server/ 
bridge. Still, I doubt its inclusion would cause your problem.

> portMin =  20000
> portMax = 40000
> #any number of Venue and/or VenueServer entries in the following  
> format
> #[https://myvenueserver:myport/Venues/000...]
> #Entire Server
> [https://agserver.arsc.edu:8000/VenueServer]
> type = VenueServer

Is the behaviour any different when you explicitly bridge all/any  
rooms individually, rather than the "whole server" mode? e.g.

# Arctic Circle venue at ARSC test venue server
type = Venue

What version of the toolkit?


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