[AG-TECH] Configuring and Running BridgeServer

Johnston, Robert Bruce johnstonrb at ornl.gov
Tue Oct 11 09:54:05 CDT 2005

AG Tech,

     We are trying to implement BridgeServer and it does not seem to be
working for us. To help explain our configuration I've attached both the
configuration file and the BridgeServer log file.  From a quick glance
at the log file, it looks as if we have a Certificate problem but I'm
not sure how to resolve it.  Can you take a look and see if you have any
ideas as to what we may be doing wrong?   Here's our configuration:

      We have a two CPU AG node located outside of our firewall which is
currently running AG 2.3.  The first machine is a Windows box for audio,
display, and the Venue client.  The second box is running Red Hat Linux
Enterprise for video encoding and is the box we are trying to bring up
the BridgeServer on.  As our first test, we went to the ORNL venue,
under "Government Instutitions" and recorded the venue URL, which is the
URL we were using in the BridgeServer configuration file.  We made the
assumption that the BridgeServer was not working because we never got
any feed back after issuing the command line and the Unicast option was
never highlighted in the venue client.  One other thing I probably
should mention, the certificate is working fine with the Service Manager
for the Video encoding service.

   Please let me know if you need any additional information to help
define our problem.







R. Bruce Johnston,    johnstonrb at ornl.gov

Networking and Computing Technologies Division

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Rm. J309-5, Bldg. 5600,  MS-6018

Phone:  865.574.8806    Fax:  865.241.6982



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