[AG-TECH] ClearOne AccuMic PC Desktop Echo-Cancelling Microphone

Patrick Bristow pbristow at microsoft.com
Tue Nov 29 16:14:20 CST 2005

We've had great success using this with ConferenceXP.  The audio quality
is quite good, the AEC is great, and the AGC is excellent.  I don't know
how well the daisy-chaining works, though, so hopefully someone else can
jump in with that.

The output from the mic is a little high, though, so make sure you have
a good sound card that doesn't distort easily (anything other than
bottom-of-the-barrel is probably sufficient).

I heard that they've updated the firmware on these recently, and the new
ones work even better.

But just to keep things interesting, there's been a thread on the CXP
mailing lists about the new super-cheap contenders in this arena, and
there are apparently a number of them:

>>> "Chris Moffatt" <chrismof at microsoft.com> 11/09/05 9:16 AM >>>
If you are tired of using a headset for Conferencing, but don't want to
shell out $100's for an echo-cancelling mic...the miniVox MV100 is a
great little echo-cancelling mic that works great for desktop
conferencing.  (http://www.mvox.com/mv100.html). It is a USB device that
doesn't require any drivers - just plug and play (er talk). I have
tested it with ConferenceXP, and it works great, and have heard the same
from a number of other people.

>>> Jonathan Tregear [jtregear at salud.unm.edu] 11/26/05 12:47 AM >>>
The miniVox is the best deal at $20, but if Sharper Image stops selling
it at that price (it lists for $40) then the VoSKY Chatterbox at $30 is
It also has DSP enhanced full duplex (probably the same internals) and
also has Volume Up, Volume Down, and Microphone Mute keys, which the
miniVox doesn't have.


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Dear AG Colleagues,

I am working with some collaborators to set up a set of AG nodes.  At
least one
of these will be in a small conference room.  They are understandably
to invest in a $3000 Clearone (formerly Gentner) echo canceller
and have pointed out an interesting echo-cancelling microphone, the
"AccuMic PC Desktop Echo-Cancelling Microphone", viewable at:

I'd feel happier about advising the purchase of this $600 unit if I
could talk
to one or more folks who have used it successfully in an AG setup.  Does
out there have experience with this unit?  If so, I'd be delighted to
from you...
Thanks in advance, Rick Rodgers

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