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This is probably the most important problem with AG Technology from the "simple" user's point of view. The free AG Toolkit uses a bunch of ports (in fact more than the inSORS product), including a couple of TCP and a lot of UDP ports locally when connecting to a venue server. A month ago we had the same problem and I run a number of tests. Yes, the document here: http://www.accessgrid.org/agdp/guide/ports.html is informative but will not help you know what's going on in an actual connection to an actual venue server, since each "Room" has it's own set of ports that it uses. It was helpful for me to download and run "Active Ports" (this is for Windows) and monitor what TCP and UDP ports are actually open when entering a particular venue and room. This will give you a better idea.
In Microsoft networks you can assign the computer(s) where VIC and RAT are running to the "video device pool", which will hopefully set the proper firewall settings. This actually helped us receive incoming video in Unicast, which we could not get before.
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I might be missing the obvious but did not find any documentation on
Access Grid port# usage for Unicast and Multicast. Problem is we can
transmit but not receive inbound. Know the equipment is good since I can
use it offsite with out problem.

Does any one know the required inbound and outbound ports for Unicast
and Multicast under the AG?

Thank you for any information!
David West
Saint Augustine's College
dfwest at st-aug.edu

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