[AG-TECH] Wireless Multicast in Access Grid?

Piers O'Hanlon p.ohanlon at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 11:22:13 CST 2005


The rates that you'll get for multicast over the WLAN tends be heavily
dependent on the choice of AP and how it is configured for multicast
use - the default tends to be to transmit multicast at quite low
transmission rates. Additionally any 'power-saving' clients that
associate with that AP can also adversely affect the performance of
multicast see:

So as suggested - it would be best to just do unicast over the
wireless. Take care to not put multicast onto the WLAN (using
firewalling or making sure ttl is set to 0 for client side
re-transmission) as the low transmission rate multicast can swamp the
WLAN network such that unicast traffic also suffers.


On 11/20/05, Nathan Gardiner <nathan.gardiner at canterbury.ac.nz> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm hoping to integrate a tablet pc as an input device into AG sessions and
> it would be fantastic for it to be wirelessly connected. Just wanting to
> know if anyone has a successful multicast wireless system they have
> implemented with the Access Grid? If so what type of wireless equipment was
> used and how was it setup? I had a quick try with one of our wireless access
> points here but it doesn't seem to like multicast packets.
> Regards,
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