[AG-TECH] AG (PIG) setup using DSL Modem and vendor router

Andrew Patrick Andrew.Patrick at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Thu Nov 3 16:00:36 CST 2005

I am able to use the AG from home using a DSL connection and a Linksys router 
using unicast connections to an appropriate bridged venue.

In order to receive video, you have to setup port forwarding so that the video 
packets that arrive on arbitrary ports at your router are directed to the proper 
machine on your home network. I typically forward UDP ports in the range 50,000 
to 65,000 to my AG machine as needed for an AG session, and the turn off the 
forwarding when I am done. Audio does not require this kind of treatment.

Bandwidth is an issue depending on the quality of your connection and the number 
and types of streams you are receiving. You will want to have a look at the AG 
Venue Customizer (AVC; http://iit130033.iit.nrc.ca/AVC/), which we developed for 
just this purpose. AVC allows you to specifiy if bandwidth should be scaled in 
some fashion. You would set this up in a venue prior to an event, and then have 
the participants run AVC in client mode to tune their transmission rates to 
something that everyone will be able to handle. In our experience, this works 
great when some of the participants are connecting from home.

Software firewalls, such as Sygate or Zone Alarm, which you should be running at 
home, will likely cause performance problems. In my experience these products 
cannot process the real-time packets fast enough. Typically, I have to reboot 
the machine with these services disabled prior to an AG session, and then 
reconfigure them when I am done.

Alson Been wrote:
> Hello,
> This may have been asked before but has anyone here setup a PIG using
> the AG toolkit software at their home or other location using a DSL
> Modem with a T1 connection and a vendor router?
> If you have were you able to receive audio and video and transmit the
> same?
> Did you have to use Multicast or Unicast?
> How was the response time?
> Thanks,
> -Alson

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