[AG-TECH] Greyed Vic Windows

Todd Zimmerman toddz at sfu.ca
Tue Nov 1 11:36:52 CST 2005

Just wanted to follow up for the AG-Tech archives.

Turns out the person was using an "Velocity 128 made by STB" video card which used NVIDIA
drivers....  not one of the higher end video cards ;-)

He ended up installing on a different computer and all is fine - so the problem was never actually
solved, but I assume it was a video card/driver issue.

Thanks for all your help/input.


Many Ayromlou wrote:
> Hi Todd,
> I would check his graphics card. Does it support hardware overlays. I 
> think that's needed for VIC and if you don't have it you get blank 
> windows. I had a problem similar to this on a machine with a built in 
> card and a quad G200 PCI. The quad card needed a certain driver  version
> otherwise it didn't support the vic overlay calls and I would  end up
> with blank video windows. In my case also, if I moved the  tiled VIC
> window around and went over the boundry of the built-in  card and the
> G200 it would do the same thing (greyed rectangles  instead of the video
> thumbnails).
> I would check to see if the card has support and also check on the 
> driver version.
> Many
> On 25-Oct-05, at 5:11 PM, Todd Zimmerman wrote:
>> Hey all - looking for help/suggestions...
>> I've just helped a user set up a new personal node and he is 
>> reporting an odd problem with vic.
>> We successfully set up a VideoService and restarted video.  From my 
>> side (the remote side), all is
>> working well.  I can see the person's video fine, so the camera is 
>> working well and vic is properly
>> sending the camera feed out.
>> The problem is on his side (the local side).  The video feeds (and 
>> thumbnails) on his side are
>> greyed out. Before you suggest he's using a videoproducer service 
>> instead of a videoservice - or has
>> the sources muted, this isn't the case.  It is definitely a video 
>> service, and in fact, we've run
>> vic from the command line and have had the same experience.  The 
>> 'mute' buttons are NOT activated;
>> however the symptoms are identical to that.  Toggling the mute 
>> buttons does nothing.
>> One of extenuating circumstance that may be affecting this is that 
>> the user is in France - and is
>> using a French language version of Windows.... not sure if this  would
>> affect things, but thought I'd
>> throw it out there anyway.
>> Anyone seen this behavior before?  Its AG2.4 with recommended  python,
>> wxpython etc - and other
>> videoconferencing technologies (netmeeting) work fine.
>> Thoughts? Ideas?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Todd
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