[AG-TECH] AG Developers mailing list available

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Wed May 25 15:24:06 CDT 2005

	That would be great if it could be done. I agree that would be the best 
of both worlds. Mailing lists are best for those people that are more 
'long-standing' members of a list, answering questions and the like 
without having to trawl threads looking for what is new. They are the 
'regulars', if you will. Forums are nicer for people that want to pop 
in, search through past discussions for relevant tidbits of information 
and possibly post a question.
	So yes, both please! :D


Brian Corrie wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> I am not sure that that is the best solution... I personally am not 
> terribly good at going to forum's to check discussion groups. I think 
> that there are others like me in that regard. Thus relying just on the 
> portal may reduce the involvement of some people.
> I would prefer to see email at least as an option. If we can find a way 
> to do both that would be the ideal mechanism to me. If emails are 
> archived and added to a discussion forum on the portal, and comments 
> that are added to the portal are sent to the mailing list that would be 
> ideal. Darran, is something like that possible? The portal would end up 
> being the archive but I (and others like me) could still process the 
> list via email...
> Brian
> michael j daw wrote:
>> I know this is a little after the horse has bolted, but might it be a 
>> good idea to set up a new developers' forum on Darran's new site 
>> rather than an e-mail list? Our experience with trying to get people 
>> to use mailing lists other than ag-tech has not been good and this 
>> seems to be custom-made for a message board approach.
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>>> Subject: [AG-TECH] AG Developers mailing list available
>>> As discussed at the AG retreat, I've set up a mailing list for AG 
>>> developers to discuss
>>> issues involving the core toolkit, media tools, shared applications, 
>>> bugs, and
>>> domain-specific developments related to the Access Grid.  Discussions 
>>> will likely be
>>> technical and in many cases require some knowledge of software 
>>> development.
>>> You can subscribe to the AG developers list by sending mail to 
>>> majordomo at mcs.anl.gov,
>>> including the following in the message body:
>>> subscribe ag-dev
>>> If you have any questions, please let us know.
>>> Tom

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