[AG-TECH] Community Advisory Board

Darran Edmundson darran.edmundson at anu.edu.au
Wed May 25 08:32:38 CDT 2005


I have to say that I agree fully with Mike Daw.  With 40% of the  
originating from ANL/UC, "Community Advisory Board" is a misnomer.
And the fact that it is appointed rather than elected just compounds the
matter.  It's your privilege of course, but it doesn't seem ...  

You could have allayed a lot of concerns by

1) Announcing the desire to form such a board comprised of the
various stakeholders, each with different needs and concerns

    - industry like Insors
    - geographically by locale (Australia, Asia, NA, Europe, etc.)
    - 3rd party developers
    - others?

2) Putting forth a document clearly explaining its roles and  

3) Allowing each stakeholder group to democratically elect  
for a fixed term position.

The reality is that most of your appointees probably would have
been elected.  But you would have consulted the community
rather than directed it.  I think you missed a big chance.


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