[AG-TECH] AccessGrid 3: What information is available

Steve Smith ssmith at vislab.usyd.edu.au
Tue May 24 03:14:45 CDT 2005

> Agreed! Parts of VIC/RAT are worth reusing (eg libcommon) but I think
> its time to get rid of the TCL/TK reliance. I think there is enough
> people working in the area of video tools for the AccessGrid to start
> a community development aimed a replacing VIC in the AG. 

I agree with this in principle, but that will take some time and while
that effort is taking place we need knock the worst of the issues out of
current tools (redirecting your efforts to a new implementation while
ignoring the existing is always disaster, Joel Spolsky has written about
this extensively).

In particular I think the following would be major leaps forward in

        * Being able to change the venue in Vic and Rat without
        restarting them
        * Multiple video inputs to Vic (which would remove the necessity
        of multi-machine nodes)


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