[AG-TECH] DV / HDV Integration with AG

SangWoo Han swhan at netmedia.kjist.ac.kr
Sat May 21 21:21:18 CDT 2005

Dear Chris,

We have demonstrated AG MEDIA shared application (enhanced version of
high-quality video service for AG) in AGRetreat 2005. AG MEDIA supplies
network-adaptive DV streaming (by integrating multicast beacon and DVTS
with the AG) as well as DV/HDV service. We will officially release it
late June. (You may refer to the AG MEDIA presentation file.)

Basically, we think AG3 should employ various media tools (ex. VIC,
DVTS, VLC, and so on). For this, AG3 needs an additional video interface
module to accomodate versatile media tools for easy extention of AG
video. We are making effort to design and implement AG MEDIA following
this concept. 

In addition to DV and HDV, stereo HDV will be an example of AG video
extension. Recently, we have technically supported medical collaboration
(http://netmedia.gist.ac.kr/medicalevent/medical1.asp) between Korea and
Japan using low-cost stereo HDV (developed by our group), AG and DVTS.
We believe low-cost stereo HDV is suitable for medical and training


SangWoo Han
Ph.D. candidate
Networked Media Laboratory
Department of Information and Communications
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

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Subject: [AG-TECH] DV / HDV Integration with AG

Hello all,

We have been experimenting with DV and HDV video conferencing, and so
far we have used the DVTS software from the Wide group
(http://www.sfc.wide.ad.jp/DVTS/) with some success for DV.

I also came across the high-quality video service for AG
(http://netmedia.gist.ac.kr/agdv/) and this paper

Is anyone using this software (or others) to do dv or hdv
teleconferencing?  Even better, has anyone integrated dv or hdv into
their AG node?  I think something was demo'ed a while back?

I know there has been some discussion lately about AG3.  Is there a plan
for moving away from vic into something that will support higher quality

Thanks for the help.


Chris Rosenthal
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
University of Illinois - Chicago
Phone: 312.996.3002

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