[AG-TECH] DV / HDV Integration with AG

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Fri May 20 13:43:41 CDT 2005

	It looks good. I noticed on the page though it talks about installing a 
'consumer' service. Does this mean that you still need vic to transmit 
	One of my biggest grievances about vic has been the problems 
encountered using a connexant bt881 chip under windows (not tried under 
linux). It just would not stop crashing when loaded. Finally we switched 
to an 878 based card (or cards) and it works great. So, that being said, 
  improved camera WDM driver support plus the ability to tell it on the 
ag configuration what wdm source I want to use for what vic (to get rid 
of the problems that running multiple cameras on a windows machine gives).


Bob Riddle wrote:
> there is a replacment for "vic" in the AG done by the ANU folks that 
> support the DVTS stream.  http://if.anu.edu.au/SW/VP.html
> I've used this for several things - seems to work fine on the Linux 
> platform, less well on the Windows platform.  We're also working with 
> the WIDE folks on the DVTS software, for a command-line-interface (CLI) 
> that will make it more useful for the launching a video window(s) in the 
> AG environment.
> Chris Rosenthal wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> We have been experimenting with DV and HDV video conferencing, and so
>> far we have used the DVTS software from the Wide group
>> (http://www.sfc.wide.ad.jp/DVTS/) with some success for DV.
>> I also came across the high-quality video service for AG
>> (http://netmedia.gist.ac.kr/agdv/) and this paper
>> (http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/fl/flevents/ag/agr04/talks/kim-gist-paper.pdf). 
>> Is anyone using this software (or others) to do dv or hdv
>> teleconferencing?  Even better, has anyone integrated dv or hdv into
>> their AG node?  I think something was demo'ed a while back?
>> I know there has been some discussion lately about AG3.  Is there a
>> plan for moving away from vic into something that will support higher
>> quality video?
>> Thanks for the help.
>> Chris

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