[AG-TECH] AG in Europe

Doug Bowman dbowman at mvoice.com
Fri May 13 15:40:50 CDT 2005


I am supporting an upcoming conference that will be based in Croatia and 
have participating nodes from Austria, Germany, and England. The nodes 
in Zagreb and in Vienna are new to AG and we are doing a lot of testing 
to get the bugs worked out before the end of the month.

Two questions:
Is there a unicast bridge in Europe someone would like to make available 
and is there a venue server we could have access to as well? We are 
testing between Canada and Europe a couple of days per week, but it 
would be great to confine as much of the traffic as possible to Europe 
and have some access to a bridge and venue located in Europe for testing 
and for the actual event.

Any help or advice welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Doug Bowman
Mediavoice Communications Inc.

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