[AG-TECH] Windows Capture Cards

mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri May 13 11:06:22 CDT 2005


We use Osprey cards in all our nodes.  Be careful of those that have audio 
on-board, they can sometimes get switched around and then RAT is looking at 
the wrong jack...  We use the 100 and 200 cards with some older drivers 
that are more stable.

Hope this helps


At 10:38 AM 5/13/2005, you wrote:
>Unfortunately, what I really need is something that will capture using 
>s-video. The Winnov cards use BNC. Has anybody had success in setting up 
>multiple capture cards on an XP machine? If so, which cards did you use?
>Thanks again,
>On May 13, 2005, at 8:05 AM, Cindy Sievers wrote:
>>I am using the winnov videum 4400 quad card and thanks to Tom it is 
>>working nicely....
>>At 04:12 PM 5/12/2005, Darin Oman wrote:
>>>I know there are some people out there using a Windows box as their 
>>>video capture machine. What capture cards are people having good luck 
>>>with for capturing multiple video sources (s-video)?
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