[AG-TECH] Video/RAT windows not spawning

David Bradford bradford at bu.edu
Thu May 12 09:43:23 CDT 2005

On a recent trip out of town, I set up a PIG node which had a problem I 
was unable to resolve in the time I had.  I can ask questions and 
retrieve logs from the owner -  I wondered if anyone had any ideas about 
what to look for.  It is an older Windows XP laptop (PIG node), but it 
runs fine.  The software is AG 2.3, and I think I configured it 
correctly, although anything's possible.  The problem is that the venue 
client does not spawn the video and RAT windows.  I can start them by 
hand from the command prompt.

There is one oddity I will mention in case it relates - there was an 
attempt to install the AG software before, but the files they had were 
corrupt.  I think the got Python installed but not wxPython, and stopped 
there (AG was never installed).  I removed the previous installation 
before I began.

I don't think there's anything running that would interfere, such as a 
firewall, but it could be hidden from me.   Any and all suggestions 
welcome and appreciated - it's a little hard to debug remotely, so I was 
hoping someone might have encountered a similar problem, and at least 
direct me where to look for the problem.  Thanks,

David Bradford
Systems Manager
Astronomy Dept.
Boston University

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