[AG-TECH] Installing AccessGrid on a 64bit machine

Ashley Wright a2.wright at qut.edu.au
Mon May 9 23:01:47 CDT 2005


I am trying to install AccessGrid on a AMD Opteron 64 machine. The 
machine is running RedHat EL 4 WS.

I am trying to follow UQ's Guide here:

When I try to install wxGTK2, I get some failed dependencies: 
libgtkembedmoz.so & libxpcom.so. I know these are provided by mozilla or 
firefox. However I am using the 64bit versions (as provided by Red Hat). 
I can see that the files are in /usr/lib64/mozilla-1.7.7/. I am assuming 
that the rpms are looking for the packages in /usr/lib/.

Does anybody know how to solve this?


Ashley Wright
3864 9264
a2.wright at qut.edu.au
HPC and Research Support Group
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

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