[AG-TECH] PCI-X linux capture cards

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Tue May 3 01:57:57 CDT 2005

Hi John,

>> I can't see what advantage 3 x PCI-X 66MHz capture cards have over 3 x 
>> 3.3V
>> PCI capture cards that can also fit in the PCI-X slots.
> In which case I should word my query better ;)
> What 3.3v PCI cards to people like under linux?

Bt878 based cards would be the preferred ones, unfortunately they are 
getting difficult to buy as they have been superseded by the Conexant 2388x 
(aka cx88) based cards or some other chips.

It was only recently (kernel 2.6.10) that the V4L compatibility layer of the 
cx88 V4L2 driver started to work with vic, with earlier versions, vic would 
crash. Currently, the default contrast, brightness, hue and saturation 
settings are wrong for the cx88 driver as you end up getting a very dark 
picture in vic, to get a descent picture you need to adjust all 4 of the 
settings (unfortunately the settings get reset each time the cx88 driver is 
reloaded). AGTk has no sliders for the contrast, brightness, hue and 
saturation settings, I was thinking of releasing a modified VideoService and 
VideoProducer service with these 4 sliders for the next Fedora AGTk RPMs 
that I release. I also needed to do a simple modification to the vic source 
code to handle the S-video input correctly for the cx88 based Hauppauge 
WinTV card.


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