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I'm copying the list so they can respond to your answers below if  
they wish. We have a great community. The other place you may wish to  
go to is the portal.accessgrid.org if you haven't gone there yet.

  I'll insert my answers below:

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Chuck King <c_king at MIT.EDU>
> Date: July 29, 2005 9:01:22 AM CDT
> To: John I Quebedeaux Jr <johnq at lsu.edu>
> Subject: Re: [AG-TECH] are you the right person to email?

> John I Quebedeaux Jr wrote:
>> Chuck. "you" being all of us on the list? Yes, probably. But  
>> you'll need to give us more information otherwise we're not going  
>> to be able to help:
>> It would be appropriate to give us some background information on  
>> your setup: hardware, OS, audio equipment, etc, etc and exactly  
>> what you've done so far and what has worked (or not worked).
> >>>*Im running Win XP sp2 off of an IMB eServer with 512 MB RAM and  
> a 1.8 GHz celeron processor. One problem might be that I am  
> operating from behind a corporate firewall. I have a Logitech  
> QuickCam Orbit and some generic computer microphone. I installed  
> the AG software and got the certificates and I was able to enter  
> all the rooms so I went to the "test" room and was talking (through  
> the text interface) to a couple people there and I could hear their  
> audio (using unicast) but I could not send my own. *

That firewall is going to be a big problem for your outgoing traffic  
I believe. Also, that leads me to believe you don't have multicast,  
but i could be wrong.

>> For example: you say AG (you mean RAT in this case) not using the  
>> mic. What is the mic plugged into, etc. Have you checked for  
>> levels where the mic is plugged into. Have you checked the source  
>> in your RAT for the audio. On Video - have you tested with someone  
>> or gone to a venue with video.
> >>>*The mic is plugged into the computer soundcard (standard  
> configuration) and I tested it using Windows Sound Recorder. I  
> couldn't find a place in RAT to specify the audio input device (or  
> video) which is why I am so confused. As for video, the venue I  
> went to was for testing and nobody could get their video to work  
> either. I tried looking around for other venues with video but I  
> gave up because it was taking a long time to enter each one. All  
> RAT said was "waiting for video"
> *

Without an echo canceler you will be introducing echo to other sites  
unless you are using a headset so that the audio from other sites  
isn't sent back. On the RAT, just below the "talk" checkbox you can  
change the source of the audio. It's easy to miss, but you can  
actually click on whatever it says there and change it to "microphone".

>> Have you checked that you have multicast or gone to a venue where  
>> you can use a unicast bridge, etc.(i.e. network connectivity issues)
> >>>*I don't know if I have multicast because when I switched to  
> multicast all the RAT windows popped up just the same but I  
> couldn't get anyone into my connectivity matrix thing. But the test  
> venue had unicast so we were using that. *

Running the beacon client available at http://dast.nlanr.net/projects/ 
beacon/ and then checking http://beacon.dast.nlanr.net/ could help to  
tell you if your network has multicast and if they are allowing  
multicast traffic to flow through the firewall for you.

> -Chuck
>>> im having a lot of dificulty sending audio and sending/recieving  
>>> video and I was wonderign if you would be the right person to  
>>> talk to. i have a mic that works, i tested it but i don't think  
>>> AG is usign that mic or something. How do i set the hardware that  
>>> it uses? Please help.
>>> -Chuck
> 1. I am running windows xp sp2
> 2. i believe this is a personal node, it's running from a pc within  
> a network
> 3. lots of firewalls- I'm running behind the MIT Whitehead  
> Institute firewall which is very tough although it hasn't caused me  
> a problem before with recieving information- only sending
> 4. no, my mic is a simple external mic
> 5. I don't know what jabber is but i was at the test room in the AG  
> general lobby and i couldn't get it to work there
> I appreciate your help and i will read the documents you sent me.  
> Thanks,
> Chuck

To see what Jabber is: http://www.jabber.org/

You can find a client for just about every platform I believe. To see  
how to join the Jabber server at ANL:

And if you've made it this far down in the reading - what is your  
goal regarding running the AGTk?

-John Q.

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