[AG-TECH] are you the right person to email?

John I Quebedeaux Jr johnq at lsu.edu
Thu Jul 28 22:37:46 CDT 2005

Chuck. "you" being all of us on the list? Yes, probably. But you'll  
need to give us more information otherwise we're not going to be able  
to help:

It would be appropriate to give us some background information on  
your setup: hardware, OS, audio equipment, etc, etc and exactly what  
you've done so far and what has worked (or not worked).

For example: you say AG (you mean RAT in this case) not using the  
mic. What is the mic plugged into, etc. Have you checked for levels  
where the mic is plugged into. Have you checked the source in your  
RAT for the audio. On Video - have you tested with someone or gone to  
a venue with video.

Have you checked that you have multicast or gone to a venue where you  
can use a unicast bridge, etc.(i.e. network connectivity issues)

...have you read any of the online documentation and tutorials. They  
are actually useful for setups. I require the reading for all my new  
operators I train.. and then i train them (hopefully shortening the  
training process).

Hope i'm not sounding so basic.

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On Jul 28, 2005, at 1:57 PM, Chuck King wrote:

> im having a lot of dificulty sending audio and sending/recieving  
> video and I was wonderign if you would be the right person to talk  
> to. i have a mic that works, i tested it but i don't think AG is  
> usign that mic or something. How do i set the hardware that it  
> uses? Please help.
> -Chuck

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