[AG-TECH] Osprey Video Capture Cards, Firewire Cameras

aspale1 aspale1 at lac.uic.edu
Thu Jul 28 15:02:39 CDT 2005


Although I have looked on the Viewcast website for the differences between 
Osprey 100 and Osprey 210, I would like to know if AGTk would support the 
Osprey 100 video capture card as well as the Osprey 210 has been 

Also, I would like to know how well AGTk supports Firewire cameras. I have 
reviewed some old ag-tech e-mails and noticed that there are sites that 
have tried to use Firewire cameras. If there are sites using Firewire 
cameras or webcams, I would be interested in knowing what model you are 
using and if you are using Windows XP SP2.

Thanks for your help.


National Center for Data Mining
University of Illinois at Chicago

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